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We are setting up your account

1. The Exchanges require a mobile phone number verification.

Type in your mobile number and get an instant text message with verification code to enter. 

2. Check your email inbox for your Trading Platform Credentials

Locate the email with the subject line “Your Trading Platform Credentials”. The first thing we like you to do is to complete your data subscription agreement. The entire process is laid out in the email, including a video with a step by step walk through. So, please make sure to do that first so we can begin the process to set up your live market data.  

After completing the data subscription agreement you can start setting up your Trading Platform of choice. 

3. Check your email inbox for your Funding Dashboard Login Credentials

Locate the email with the subject line “Your Funding Dashboard and Account has been created”. In that email you will find your login credentials to access your Funding Dashboard.

4. Access your Funding Dashboard 

The Funding Dashboard is your central place for 100% transparency every step along the way to your scalable funding offer. The real-time updates, On-track-Trading Score and Consistency Algo will help you stay on track with your selected risk parameters, rules and trading targets.

5. In the Funding Dashboard navigate to the learning icon to access detailed resources.