Frequently Asked Questions

What is TradeFundrr?

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TradeFundrr is a project which is looking for experienced traders. To ascertain if a trader has all the qualities we seek, we developed a 2-step evaluation course. These two steps consist of the FTMO Challenge and the Verification. The course is specifically tailored to discover talent within a trader. The path of a trader is challenging, and our educational applications, account analysis and performance coach are here to guide our traders. Upon successful completion

, traders are offered a placement in the FTMO Proprietary Trading firm, where they can remotely manage up to 400,000 USD 

and continuously grow the account according to our Scaling Plan. As an FTMO Trader, you are eligible to keep up to 90% of the profits you generate. Our company covers all losses, if any. More about the profit-sharing programme can be found here.